How to Bet On Cricket

Online betting on cricket? No problem! From the very beginning, Cricket sports betting has been part of the current betting range. They expect attractive cricket odds, which is why even those who don’t follow this sport for a long time like to place cricket bets on big events. Our Cricket Betting Tips will help you find your way around if you are not a cricket expert. The traditional sport, which is reminiscent of baseball, can be explained in a few words: two teams play against each other, beating and throwing. The rules in their entirety seem quite complicated, a game can theoretically take several days. Cricket is particularly popular in Commonwealth countries. In addition to Great Britain, these include, for example, India, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and the West Indies. And so not all countries with a cricket tradition are mentioned yet.

What is cricket?

What is cricket

The cricket described here (sometimes referred to as cricket in the German language) is a comparatively complicated sport for many people who are interested in sports and supposedly first played in the 13th century. It enjoys immense popularity in the countries of the former Commonwealth. Whether it’s England, Australia, India, Pakistan, South Africa or other countries of the former British Empire, the stadiums are well filled. In Germany, there are at least some clubs and a national league, which is not comparable with the one in football, for example. To explain the rules of Cricket, there is no place at this point. There are also several variants of this game. Simply put, you hit and throw and score points. There are many different ways to do this.

Important competitions in this sport

Bet on World championship for cricketFor your cricket betting, you can choose from the most important cricket contests. Betting on a league abroad, on something like the Premier Division are possible. In Germany, this sport tends to play a minor role. There’s obviously no league to take. Admittedly, an official Bundesliga exists in several seasons. Those who are interested in this sport may not agree with the last few sentences. It is a fact that this sport is much more important in countries such as England, Australia, India and South Africa and many others. This is especially noticeable when international matches or international tournaments are scheduled. The World Championship is of course also an absolute highlight.

Why is this sport considered exotic?

No doubt, cricket bets are considered exotic in Germany. Betting on cricket can be seen as an opportunity to bet on a sport that is considered unusual in Germany. This assessment does not reveal anything about the popularity worldwide. Rugby would be a similar example. There are full stadiums all over the world, but in Germany, this sport plays hardly any role. It seems unusual that there are different variations of this sport. The principle is always the same, but you could play Test Cricket, First Class Ticket, One Day Cricket or Twenty20 Cricket. Theoretically, it can take several days to finish a game. This fact alone could irritate people interested in the sport. Keep in mind that the stadiums are full of major international matches in Commonwealth countries, despite the possible time of the match.

Betting on Cricket: How it works

how to win from cricket bettingBets on cricket with good cricket odds are realistic. All major cricket contests are part of the betting services offered by. Assuming there’s a world championship coming up. You go to the website of, look at the current sports and click on Cricket. If there are several tournaments in parallel, select the World Cup mentioned in this example. The current odds are displayed in the middle of the screen. When two teams play against each other, there will always be a favourite and an alleged underdog. Get information on the Internet or wherever you want and place your bet. You must click on the odds, the betting slip will open and you will enter your bet. The possible profit is calculated. Place the bet now. In the event that you have wagered with your own money from Germany, the statutory tax of 5% will be due. If you have wagered or lost with a bonus, it will be taken over by.

Betting with a bonus

Basically, it makes no difference whether you bet with a bonus or with your own money. You have a free choice. If possible, you should wager a bonus so that a payout can be made. Otherwise, you would lose the bonus money and winnings, which cannot be your goal. Assuming you bet on cricket with a voucher of 10 € or with money from an increased deposit. You would have to choose a odds of 2.00 or higher to meet the requirements of. If the quota is lower than this, the stake is not counted towards the conversion of the bonus. Since you have 21 days or (for the No Deposit Bonus) ten days, you could theoretically afford such a bet. However, you should consider this carefully.

Betting without a bonus – and the subject of tax

Cricket Betting BonusIf you bet with your own money on, for example on cricket, there is nothing special to consider. You can move freely in the program and theoretically choose any quota. A minimum quota can only be met with a bonus. You’ll know how to place a bet. Note the reference to the tax in this context. In Germany, 5% is due in Germany and 2% in Austria. If you win with your own money, the tax will automatically be deducted from your winnings in the above percentage. This means that a little less money is posted to your account that is actually indicated. That would be different with a bonus win, in this case . If you were unexpectedly unsuccessful with your bet, the tax would not be due anyway.

So, that’s is all betting on cricket. I hope this was helpful and if you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comment section. I’ll be more than happy to answer your queries.

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